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1) Among the personal information submitted to RIETI, e-mail address will be used to send newsletters and invitations for various events, and other information will be used for reference in creating content for the RIETI website. RIETI shall handle appropriately such personal information thus gathered for purposes within the designated scope, and unless specifically required by law, shall not release such personal information to any third party.
2) Any duplication, reposting, and quoting of the newsletters without the consent of RIETI is prohibited. If the user does not comply with the above, we hold the right to discontinue providing our services.
3) Our services may be unavailable due to regular maintenance, updates, fires, blackouts, natural disasters, and other unforeseeable circumstances.
4) Our services are not fixed to set dates and delivery frequency.
5) Our services may be terminated with proper notification within a certain period of time.
6) Please refer to our privacy policy for the handling of personal information of our services.
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